Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Featured Chapters: Giveaway Officially Closed..!


Okay so first of all, I should announce that my giveaway had ended, officially... I know it's been more than a week that it ended but somehow, I could barely get into this site due to my hectic life.. I'm not in a good condition since semester 4 doesn't seem to allow me to ease much as time past by in a blink of eyes... The next thing I know is that there's only a month and a week left for this semester to end..!

My oh my, I really need to breath.. There's still lots of lesson and assignments for me to catch, lots of memories that I had been eager to write but had been postponing again and again and plus, I still need some time to sort out the giveaway thing.. Thus, I'm sorry if you're waiting for this but please bear with me a bit, will ya..? I will try to sort everything out and announce the lucky person as soon as possible.. I truly hope you would understand my position.. Thank you.. ❤️


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